Real estate trading, property insurance, customized financial analysis, income investments, rentals. Discover them all!


Our real estate agency was founded as a commercial division of Chiancianesi & Longoni, an iconic team of real estate developers in the Italian part of Switzerland for over 20 years. We put our consolidated experience at your service thanks to the design, construction, and sale of hundreds of properties in the most exclusive areas of Ticino and thousands of square meters of artisanal and commercial buildings.

For those who sell, our staff will make a comparative analysis of the market, to realize all the necessary marketing material in a professional and engaging way, and to activate targeted promotional campaigns both on the web and on traditional channels. We have designed and sold hundreds of properties!


On the one hand, we are committed to finding properties to lease, on the other we qualify tenants to guarantee owners regular payments and housing care.


We procure for you easy to rent buildings, we offer real estate transactions or other proposals that aim only to enhance the investment of our customers. Our strength is the buildings are designed and built directly by us; we can in fact guarantee discounted prices at the launch of each new site.


A personalized financial consultation with our qualified and certified staff can help you make an appropriate calculation of sustainability, know the tax benefits you can use, and find the solutions that best fit your situation and achieve your dream. Thanks to this service, our customers often realize how feasible it is to buy property despite not seeing it tangible before.


Our qualified and certified staff with a federal diploma can follow you through the steps necessary to obtain the most suitable coverage in the field of things, such as buildings, home economics, in addition to financial services such as the third pillar, the RC, and legal protection.